Pick Your Plan

Pick Your Plan

Pick Your Time

Pick the Plan that is the Best Choice for You:

Silver Plan.

This plan calls for a monthly fee of $35 plus payment of a $325* transaction fee for each completed sale transaction

Gold Plan.

If you close 15 sales or more per year you will prefer the Gold Plan. This plan calls for a $100 monthly fee plus a $325* transaction fee for the first sale transaction in a month and then all additional sale transactions during the month are only charged $50 each.
With all plans, for non-sale transactions the fee you pay is 10% of the commission, capping out at $325. For examplle, with a $1000 home rental fee you will be paid $900. For a $5,000 referral fee, you are paid $4,675.
*in the event you are a principal in the deal, there is an additional $60 added to the sale transaction fee for risk management.

When you join Charles Rutenberg Realty you join a firm that provides you the structure and tools to build your business.
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