1st Seven Days Instructions

1st Seven Days Instructions

  1. OFFICE WEBSITE Go to www.CRROffice.com to access CRR forms, contracts, marketing information. This site provides a link to CRRForms, CRRFiles, the Online Document Management System and AgentsShare.com, the CRR Agent User (Yahoo) Group. The password to access CRROffice.com is 642425. You do not need a log in ID. Be sure to review all the links on CRROffice.com. There are many excellent resources you will want to know about.

  2. CRR AGENT USER GROUP Join AgentsShare.com, the Yahoo CRR Agent Group at www.AgentsShare.com. On the Yahoo Group page click on Join This Group. All office communication is sent through this group. It is very important that you include your full name in the message section of the registration so that we know you are a CRR agent and can approve membership. When setting up your username, select a name that is recognizable by agents. When you send a message make sure your message includes your "signature" so everyone knows who is sending the message. You are not done with the registration until you see the message "Moderator must approve your membership".

  3. DO NOT CALL REGISTRY Go to www4.dncsolution.com to register for access to the Do Not Call site for checking the status of phone numbers you may be planning to call. The default user name is: crragent. The default password is also crragent. Once in you will set up your own user name and password. The training needs to be completed within the first 2 weeks.
    Review: Setting up your account at DNCQuickCheck.com. Click Here

  4. DIRECT DEPOSIT AUTHORIZATION Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form and submit to the office with a voided check.
    DEPOSIT COMMISSION CHECK You can either deposit the closing check with the Bank Shot mobile banking App or go to a US Bank location and deposit the check directly into our account. For directions on either, go to www.CRRForms.com. Login to dotloop, click on Templates and scroll down to Documents / Office Forms to print out instructions for Mobile Banking or Remote Deposit.

  5. AUTO INSURANCE Contact your Auto Insurance carrier. Liability insurance not less than $100,000 for each person, and $300,000 for each accident. Send proof of policy coverage (your policy's declaration page) to the office via mail, email or fax to 630-929-5409 immediately.

  6. FORMS Forms are located in the document management system, dotloop. Log in to dotloop, and familiarize yourself with the document management system. Click on the Templates icon and scroll down to Documents / Office forms folder. This will give you access to all office forms. These forms are form-fillable when added to a loop or you can print the forms out. When you create your property file loop in dotloop, the Template will supply you with all the standard required documents you will need for your transaction. Should you have any special circumstance or need of any other documents/forms for your transaction, you can select "Add Document" from your loop and go to the Template section. Under Documents, there is an "All Documents" folder which contains all the forms that are in the loop templates. You will also have access to your Realtor board forms in this Template section. The forms from MORe and CAR are located here.

  7. COMMISSION DISBURSEMENT Complete the Office Commission Disbursement Request with all relevant information for your transaction. This form is turned in to the office with your check. It also needs to be added to your dotloop file. The dotloop transaction folder is preloaded with the required documents either blank to be filled out or placeholders for documents you will need to upload. You will need to make sure that each document is in place and that each folder in your loop has been submitted to the office for review prior to turning in your commission check for processing. You will know that the documents are good to go because "approved" will be notated to the left of each document that has been reviewed and noted as complete by the office. As long as you are submitting each folder for review as you complete each section, by the time you are ready to process for disbursement your file will have been reviewed by the office and the final document review should be quick to process for commission disbursement.

  8. STATE AND ASSOCIATION FORMS Listing input sheets and additional state and association forms can be downloaded on www.mredllc.connectmls.com under connectMLS, Forms tab. Other forms can be downloaded directly from the Realtor association websites you belong to. You can use forms from any one of these associations, other than the listing agreement.

  9. ONLINE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Review dotloop, the Online Document Management system at (CRRFiles.com), or through the office site at www.CRROffice.com and familiarize yourself with this site. All property files are uploaded to this site directly by you. Dotloop is setup with Templates that contain the documents you will need. These documents are form fillable in the site. In addition, you can utilize the e-signature feature and email documents out directly from dotloop. If you need to upload documents to dotloop, they must be in PDF format. While it is easiest to use a scanner such as a ScanSnap to save your PDF documents, you can use your fax machine to create PDFs by using a MyFax.com fax number for only $10 per month. Feel free to try one free for 30 days. Fax the documents to your own fax number and then save them from email as PDFs on your hard drive.

    You will be responsible to create your property file online and upload your documents to this site. Each document must be uploaded to the site within 24 hours of a fully executed document. Once your documents are uploaded, you will then need to review your files online and submit them to the office for review. A user manual was emailed to you with your dotloop login information. That user manual can also be printed out or downloaded from dotloop in the Template/Document/Office Docs section.

    Your login and password for this site was emailed to you within a few days of the date you joined. You were also sent an email with instructions and the user manual for the online document management site. These emails were sent to the email address you provided in your new agent paperwork. If you haven't seen these emails, check your junk or bulk mail folders. If you don't have them, then contact the office so we can confirm your email information and provide you with what is needed.

  10. DIRECT CONTACT INFORMATION Make sure your direct contact information is used on ALL MLS listings and business cards.

  11. MAIL Mail will be held for a minimum of 30 days. After 30 days, mail not picked up will be discarded. We recommend each agent to stop by the office at least once per month to pick up mail.

  12. BUSINESS CARDS Order your Business Cards from House of Magnets, CRRPrint.com, ColourTechUSA or the printer of your choice. Business cards orders should be shipped to your home address.

  13. YARD SIGN DECALS Order Yard Sign Decals from Frames & Things. You can order online with the link under the Marketing Vendors. The order form is located in dotloop under Template/Documents/Office Forms.

  14. MARKETING TOOLS On the www.CRROffice.com website, review the "CRR Advertising Tools" section and the "CRR Technology That Makes A Difference" link. Review our exclusive Facebook Marketing system at CRRFacebook.com

  15. REFERRALS Referral Program: We have a referral program, whereby, if you are instrumental in assisting an agent to join CRR, you qualify to receive a $75 referral fee. You can direct prospects to Charles Rutenberg Careers.

  16. TRAINING Review the training available, including QSC (Quality Service Certified), and register to set up your accounts under the Continuing Education & Training section of CRROffice.com. Excellent sales training videos are available at CRREdu.com Password: C1R1R1 (case sensitive) Click on the Home button to log out.

  17. FACEBOOK Go to our Group site https://www.facebook.com/groups/CRRIL/ and request to be added as a member. Then check out our Facebook page and become a Fan to keep current on current issues. Charles Rutenberg Realty of Illinois.

  18. CRR Title Services, LLC and Motto Mortgage HPLB Go to CRRTitle.com to learn about the services available to your seller. CRR Title will hold earnest money for the transaction if that transaction closes through CRR Title. Also, check with Grant Zabielski of Motto Mortgage HPLB HPLB.com, our affiliated mortgage company. He has many resources to help you in your real estate business.