CRR Video Training for dotloop

CRR Video Training for dotloop

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These video training segments

are produced by Charles Rutenberg Realty

to give you specific instruction on using dotloop for our office.

  1. Logging In
  2. Create a Loop - Listing Side
  3. Create a Loop - Buyer Side
  4. Loop Screen Layout - Life Cycle of the Deal
  5. Add PDF Documents to Your Folder - Drag & Drop Them in the Placeholders
  6. Naming Multiple Offers
  7. Adding Form Fillable Documents
  8. Note to File
  9. Document in the Wrong Folder
  10. Make a Copy-Advanced
  11. Sharing for e-Signature Form fillable Doc
  12. Sharing for e-Signature PDF
  13. Submitting Documents for Review
  14. How to Get Paid
  15. Sharing Docs for Managing Broker Signature
  16. Why Would I Archive
  17. Manage Password and Multiple Profiles
  18. Completing the Listing Agreement
  19. Finding Additional Documents
  20. Registratrion, dotloop Training and dotloop Support
  21. Canceled Files- Three Situations